Is Social Media Worth the Effort?

Should I?  How do I?  Is it worth it?  These are some of the questions I hear when talking with others about social media.  It seems there are still a bunch of people out there that doubt the power of social media.  Is it the technology that frightens, or the strategy–or both?


As I was reviewing my Google stats, I noticed something I think might help convert doubters into believers. It certainly wasn’t an “AHA!” moment, but one nonetheless worthy of sharing.

If you want to drive traffic to your site, obviously you want to use the appropriate key words to maximize search engine results.  However, this is much easier said than done.

What is simple and easily measurable is sharing your information. For those who doubt the value of social media, let me share where my traffic is coming from.

  • 22% comes through Twitter
  • 7% comes through Facebook
  • 5% comes through LinkedIn

traffic sources

34% of my traffic comes through the social networks where I post my content. Comparatively, I am not sure how these percentages really rank.  I do know for me, it is a serious improvement.  These sources are directing more traffic to my site!

Not only do LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook direct traffic, they also have a more significant impact on readership.  The power of social networks is in the referral. If I respect you, like you, value you, then I am much more likely to read something you’ve recommended.

The other mighty advantage is real-time comments and discussion in an open format.  Transparency is a fun thing.  When you can actually interact with people to exchange opinions and ideas, you feel like you know them.  Oh, yes, this can create respect and/or trust. These engaging features of social media are making it popular with some and unpopular with others.

In This Is A Click to Action, Brian Solis shared the following:

…according to SocialTwist, makers of the Tell-a-Friend widget that lets users share content through social media.  The company found that click-through rates via social networks outperformed links shared in email and blogs.

From Brian Solis

Brian Solis says:

In the end, we’re measured by who we reach, the experiences we create, and the actions we inspire. This is a call for a renewed focus on people and the value they seek tied to the outcomes that impact our business. A click to action is not a transaction, it is a form of currency where individuals on all sides benefit from each and every social exchange.

As you consider your strategy for sharing your content, isn’t it time you dive in and try social media?

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  • Matthew

    Great post – but it takes commitment. M

  • Valerie

    This post has made me reassess our social media marketing strategy – or lack of it!

    Thanks for sharing – very through provoking.