Dieter Rams: The Principles of Good Design

Dieter Rams: UI DesignAt Webconnection, one of our specialties is developing effective design solutions for our clients. That being said, the notion of what “good” design is, can be blurry. We put together 10 design principles from notable industrial designer Dieter Rams that can be applied to anything from a marketing campaign to UI design.

Dieter Rams is a designer who spent many years at Braun, creating products that range from toothbrushes to alarm clocks. His work is considered some of best in industrial design, and was an enormous influence to Jonathan Ive, the head of Industrial design at Apple.

Good design, according to Rams:
1. is innovative
2. makes a product useful
3. is aesthetic
4. makes a product understandable
5. is unobtrusive
6. is honest
7. is long-lasting
8. is thorough down to the last detail
9. is environmentally friendly
10. is as little design as possible

Read about each of the principles further here.

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