What Thor Can Teach You About Your Online Branding

Online BrandingThe God of Thunder went on a journey through the movie, Thor–which I’m guessing also happened in the comics. He went from an arrogant jerk to a caring teddybear (well, maybe not that far, because he is ripped…but he has a better heart). Believe it or not, his journey from beginning to end can help better those online users looking to better their online reputation.

Think Beyond Just Yourself

In the start of the film, Thor sees himself as, well, a god. He can do no wrong, he does whatever he wants and receives all the glory. Thor is invincible. Well, let’s face it, none of us our gods or are going to have people falling over themselves to praise us. In this day and age, being selfish probably won’t get you too far, especially online.

It’s important to think of your followers as friends, even if you don’t know them. You need to give them advice, helpful hints, useful information. Do not use your Twitter to brag about the new Harley Davidson you just bought. Don’t only post about how you got a promotion or how whoever did get the promotion didn’t deserve it. No, that’s not how the Internet works. Even if you’re an arrogant annoyance in real life, you have to let that slide online and shape up to be how Thor was in the end: helpful and caring towards others. Though it’s right to want to promote yourself and show off what you can do, if that’s all your social media outlets focus on, no one will feel comfortable connecting with you.

Manners Matter

What Thor wants, Thor gets. But throwing a temper tantrum to your daddy isn’t going to get you anywhere in real life. ¬†For starters, write your posts clearly and with good grammar. Be polite when you’re writing and be careful to not offend anyone–which can sometimes be hard to do, but staying away from politics and religion if possible is always helpful. If you want to connect with someone, kindly introduce yourself or retweet some of their posts you’re interested in. It might take a while to get their attention if they have a lot of followers or are just a busy person, but don’t let your frustration show.

Also remember to always be polite to your followers and other people you connect with. If you and a real-life friend are having a fight, keep it off the Internet. It’s just unnecessary and detracts from your online brand. If someone’s posts annoy you, just unfollow instead of lashing out or complaining. The Internet doesn’t take too kindly to rude, hateful posts, so just mind your manners.

Only the Worthy Can Have the Power of Thor

Remember, nothing in life is going to come easily. Just because you joined Twitter, doesn’t mean followers will flock in–unless you’re a celebrity. Post links to articles, events, etc that are actually worth posting. Don’t spam people with every detail of your day or spend your time making fun of someone. In order to have a successful, positive online experience, you need to take your platforms and make them worthwhile. Your experience is what you make of it. It might take a while to get to the number of followers you want or really hit your stride and determine where you want to go in life. But the journey is half the fun, and can make you all the better for it, as it did for Thor.

So, don’t give up. Put your personality on display and turn the manners up a notch. Kill your followers with kindness and try your best to be helpful. Make your time spent online building your brand positive and worthwhile, and you could become an online god.

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