Facebook’s “Everyone Button” and Your Online Reputation

Facebook everyone button

Last week I tweeted a Wired Magazine article called the Great Wall of Facebook: The Social Networks Plan to Dominate the Internet.  It outlines Facebook’s plan to steal Google’s thunder based on the vast amount of detailed personal information they acquire from their users.

“Phase 4” of Facebook’s plan involves the “Everyone Button,” which went live yesterday.

How does the Everyone Button effect your online reputation and personal brand?

You now have the ability to choose who sees what updates, as opposed to anyone who has a Facebook account. While not  groundbreaking, it may encourage Facebook users to share more personal information by updating only specific groups of people – providing Facebook with more data about you. Can you imagine how much information Facebook has on its 200 million+ users? It’s daunting!

But regardless of Facebook’s motives, this is great news for your online reputation: you can now control who sees your updates.

The Everyone Button won’t be available to everyone right away. But keep a look out for it and use it to your advantage to select who gets wind of particular updates. Use it to strengthen personal branding efforts. And remember: almost everything on the Internet is permanent, so be careful.

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Trace Cohen
Author: Trace Cohen

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