Tips for Personal Branding – Top 7 Posts About Using Twitter to Build Your Personal Brand

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Are you using Twitter to strengthen your brand? If not, check out the awesome posts below by a group of great bloggers (who you should also follow on Twitter!).

How to Use Twitter to Build Your Brand:

  1. Twitter Best Practices So Far
    1. By David Lee King. Check out his great social web / emerging trends blog, ASAP.
  2. Top 40 Twitter Tools
    1. By Brian Longest, who specializes in online marketing, startups and venture capital.
  3. The Art of Writing an Effective Twitter Profile
    1. By Zach Braiker, blogging and media specialist at Quiver & Quill.
  4. Why and How I Use Twitter
    1. By Christopher Rice – also read his great post on building your Personal Information Network).
  5. 5 Ways I Benefit From Twitter
    1. By Darren Rowse, author of the ultimate blog tip site ProBlogger.
  6. TwitterPacks
    1. A wiki list of top industry leaders to follow on Twitter.
  7. Ten Top Twitter Tips
    1. By Ellen Leanse at OnRamp101.


Top 75 Blog Posts on using Twitter in Marketing / Social Media

Using Twitter is a great way to participate in your niche, build relationships with great people and connect yourself to career opportunities and projects that make you happy. What are you waiting for? Get started now, and don’t hesitate to follow me (Pete Kistler) on Twitter!

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Author: Pete Kistler
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    Another great Twitter post if you use WordPress is 10 Best Twitter Tools for WordPress Blogs.

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