Brand Yourself – 5 Ways to Stand for Your Personal Brand

STand for your brandYour personal brand is an important part of your job search. Reputations can make or break opportunities for new position, new clients or contracts for your company. Here are five practical ways to manage your online brand:

1. Set up a Google alert. These can be set up easily on Google and will alert you by email to any websites that list your name or other keywords that people associate with your brand. Consider setting up Google alerts for misspellings of your name, your company’s or your competition. See Meg Guiseppi’s great article on Google alerts.

2. Secure your brand. Open up accounts on social media platforms you are not currently a member of even if you do not intend to use them. This allows you to control your name, your brand, and keep those from cybersquatting. This also includes setting up a gmail account to secure your name.

3. Create value. Develop and execute your product or service and differentiation strategy.  It’s important to give in order to receive.  Create value in what you by helping others and become a source for whatever it is you have an interest in.

4. Be bold. Don’t be afraid to get a little crazy, within reason of course. People remember those that take what I call “calculated risks.” These are risks that are thought out but present the opportunity for failure. People remember people that take chances and – people who learn from those opportunities – both successes and failures.

5. Be passionate and be found. Love and live what you do and let your online brand show for it. I promote my website and my brand, Blogging4Jobs and Xceptional HR wherever I go both online and offline. Do the same for your name, your brand, and you.  Take every opportunity to meet & network, cross post on websites, and be genuine about what motivates you.  Don’t hold back sharing your message and passion with others.

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Jessica Miller Merrell headshotJessica Miller-Merrell, SPHR is an author, new mother, and human resources professional with a passion for recruiting and all things social media.  She has over 10 years of experience in human resources & recruiting.

Her company, Xceptional HR provides businesses with social media, recruitment, and human resources strategy and consulting.   Jessica’s book, Tweet This! Twitter for Business will be released in February 2010.  Follow Jessica on Twitter, LinkedIn, & FaceBook.

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