Personal Marketing Plan- Good Luck Getting Hired Without One

Personal Marketing PlanPersonal Marketing Plan

What is a personal marketing plan?

Well, it’s just that!  It’s a marketing plan that you create to promote your most important (and probably favorite) brand- yourself.  It brings focus and direction to your job search and allows you to spend your time actually getting closer to your goal instead of figuring out what to do.

In short: it’s a plan that lays out how you will launch your brand into the workplace.

Why It Works

There are two main reasons:

1. It provides personal focus and direction for your job search.

2. It directs networking contacts to provide the right type of help.

You will see what I mean by this if you continue to read on.

Building Your Personal Marketing Plan

Your Personal Marketing Plan can contain these sections:

  • Job titles you are pursuing
  • Value proposition statement
  • Summary of your qualifications
  • Work history summary
  • Market preferences (industries, geographic locations, size of company)
  • List of target companies (companies that could potentially hire you, though they may not have current openings)

Creating this document is going to help you clarify where you want to go to prevent the “spray and pray” approach to promoting and selling your brand.


Rather than waking up Monday morning and wondering what you need to do and where you’ll find new people to talk to or jobs to apply for, you now have focus.  Your Personal Marketing Plan keeps you on track.  Review that list of target companies.  Have you met people who work in all of them yet? What information do you know about each of the companies on your list?  Have you spoken to recruiters who place people in any of your target companies?

This type of prospecting works for a two main reasons:

  • Companies prefer to hire candidates that are referred.
  • Many of the best jobs never get advertised.

Proactive vs Reactive

Reaching out proactively will put you in front of  more hiring managers before jobs are available.  If you are the right fit for the company, they may even create a job for you.  Networking with companies that COULD have a job for you allows you to stand out.  Once a company has posted a job, the flood gates open and the odds that you’ll stand out are slim.

*A little advice here…network more, apply for job postings less.

Asking for the “Right” Type of Help

You will need to explain to people in your network how you want them to use your plan.  The majority of people are not familiar with it, nor should they be. They are used to seeing a resume, which reeks of your past. You want them to see where you are headed.  This is what your personal marketing plan outlines- the help you seek is dependent on whom you are speaking to.  Here are some different scenarios:

Past co-worker:
Ask them for additional job titles they have seen that are similar to what you do “What else are they calling what we do out there?”

Ask them to provide you with names of people they know in your target companies “Do you know anyone I could speak to at any of these companies?  I am looking for information on what it is like to work there?”

Someone inside a target company:
Ask to have them review your summary of qualifications/elevator speech.  “Do you think this background might be of value within your company?” and/or “Does this sound like something your company might be interested in?”

Hiring Manager or above:
Ask them where they think your background may be of value “Where do you think this background might fit within your company?”  “Do you know any other companies that might have a need for this type of experience?”

Sample Personal Marketing Plan

Your Personal Marketing Plan has to be very well crafted and thought out. It has to do a very good job of spelling out what makes you unique and specifically what skills you bring to the table.  Constructing this document makes you think about your skills, experiences and goals.  It is forward thinking.  It is proactive.  It makes it easier for people to help you!

Do you have one?

If you have any tips on creating a personal marketing plan, or any supplements to it feel free to let us know in the comments section below.

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  • Evan McGowan-Watson

    Great info, pulling together your thoughts into a concise document like this is always important for effectively communicating what you already know in your head to the outside world. Getting a job is all about making other people understand who you are and what you’re all about as quickly as possible. Pulling together a personal marketing plan helps you achieve that level of brevity, good stuff!

  • Nick Cicero

    great info thanks for sharing!

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    That is great! Definitely will work on this.