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Yes, a new shiny MacBook Pro and a Smartphone will make you look like a thriving young professional, but they will not help you get a job.  There are less expensive things that are much more valuable that you can utilize in the search for the perfect career.  Your career toolkit houses these treasures and this is your opportunity to bypass the hammer and the screwdriver and use the tools you already have to make yourself successful.

So what’s in your career toolkit?

Dreams- I speak about the importance of dreams all of the time, as I cannot mention them enough.  If there is a career path that you are enthralled with then you must chase that as if there were no other options.  Obviously, you must make ends meet, and if that means working a job you do not like in the meantime, then do that, but please do not forget about things that make you excited to get out of bed in the morning.  The most successful people in this world love going to work in the morning.  Who would not want that?

Passion-This goes along with your dream, but it still must be mentioned.  The reason is simple; you cannot fake passion.  It is impossible and your productivity will suffer from its lack of existence

You Personal Brand- The employer is looking at what you represent, which just so happens to be your personal brand.  This is a new addition to your traditional career toolkit.  It is the Spade on the River to complete your Flush.  This will be the deciding factor in your battle against the other passionate dreamers out there.  Do not let your public image impact your dreams.

Knowledge of your skill set- You are good at certain things and bad at others.  It is important to recognize your faults early on.  This way you will be able to either work on these issues or hone your strengths so that they can compensate for your weaknesses.  The key is to emphasize your strengths in any way you can.  If you are a great conversationalist, but your lacking experience in a certain sector, then use your words to win over the interviewer with your great communication skills.  Focus on her and your budding relationship, not the exact position you’re interviewing for.

Team- Use your resources to accelerate your career.  Have your buddy who majored in Finance help you out with discounting cash flows when searching for a job as a financial analyst or have your literature major friend help you manufacture a job-winning cover letter.  People generally like to show off their skills, so they will be more than willing to help you out.  By using your team, you will be able to increase the breadth of your Skill set and increase your odds of jump-starting the career you know you can succeed at.  Tiger Woods has a team and he is the best golfer in the world.  His success is not a fluke; don’t allow yours to be either.

Go ahead, peruse your Career Toolkit and reach for the tools that will help you become remarkable.

Brendan Wales is a co-founder of StarvingFreelancers,com, a site dedicated to bringing together artists and opportunity.  He studied Finance at the University of Georgia and enjoys working with small-businesses.  Wales’ goal in life is to wake up in the morning and be excited about going to work.

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About Brendan Wales

Brendan Wales is a co-founder of, a site dedicated to bringing together Talent and Opportunity. He is a recent graduate from the University of Georgia (class of 09'), where he majored in Finance. In his spare time, he enjoys discussing entrepreneurial opportunities and reading.