Is Your Brand Bland?

No one–and I mean no one–likes a dull, uninteresting product.

We are motivated to buy, sell, move, and enjoy things that stimulates us, not put us to sleep.  No big secret,  So then why are so many businesses and people just plain bland?  It isn’t enough to put a sign out or send a generic resume.  It has to have appropriate flare.

Take a minute and review your advertising (business and personal).  Does it convey what your audience needs?  Does it address a problem they need solved?  Is it clear? Is it meaningful?

If you aren’t sure, then either consult with your customers and colleagues, or ask an expert.  Be open to their feedback and ask good followup questions so you understand what they “really mean”.

So how might you go about jazzing up content?

Avoid trite/overused language

Don’t say what everyone else is saying.  Find your own unique language.  How often do we hear “best product ever”.  Instead, use words that really mean what “best” means.  “The only product that delivers…” or “Known for winning ….”.  OK, I know you can do even better than this.  The point is, take a look at the words you are using and see how you can kick it up a notch.

Add color/images

Do you use color?  If not, what would be your signature color?  Here is a video by William Arruda on just this topic.

Tell stories

A story is so much more than just stringing together words.  Think about sharing an example of how you solved a problem and incorporating that into your materials.

Add your personality

What is it that you are really known for?  What is your true personality?  Use it, don’t wait for people to figure it out once they’ve met you.  Tell them up front.

Add an element of surprise (include something they wouldn’t normally expect)

Is there something about you or your company no one knows?  A detail about your startup or your background that is not core to your brand?  What tidbit could you include that might be random enough to make someone think “Wow, really?” or “Who knew”.

Include testimonials

Just as stories are truly powerful, so are testimonials.  If you aren’t gathering them, start now.  It is always nice to have current testimonials.  It is also nice to keep them fresh.  Update them.

Mix up the media you use to promote your brand

What media are you using?  How’s that working for you?  Consider switching it up.  If you are active on Facebook, give it a try.  And if you haven’t incorporated video into your branding,  try it now.  It has never been easier.  Just make it look good.  And maybe it isn’t your video but video customers submit.

Include emotional pulls

Don’t be afraid to get emotional.  Positive emotion or rants have the ability to convey passion, enthusiasm and commitment.

Like a chef, you need to spice up your brand.  Keep it current.  Make it purposeful.  Mix it up!

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